Blockchain Localized.

Your message needs to be heard by investors.
Let us help you communicate.

who we are

Localization firm specializing in tailored marketing strategies in Korea and North America and translation services.
by experienced blockchain professionals and language service providers in Korea and the United States.
Because we saw tremendous amounts of money wasted on marketing cryptocurrency projects worldwide.
We want you to focus only on building your business; let us handle the rest.

Marketing (Korea & North America)

Don't just throw money around. Connect and bond. A personal touch might be just what you need in the digital world.


White paper, websites, video subtitles, and other marketing materials into English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.

Lower prices, higher ROI

We want repeat business from you. Therefore, we choose to provide the most effective and cost-efficient services.

Language matters.

Language is the face of your business.
How will you build trust online
when there are countless
 ICOs, IEOs and STOs?

Your choice of words might
decide the fate of your business.

Do you really want to rely on bounty translation campaigns or Google Translate to represent your message around the world? 

Let us take care of it.
Language is our specialty.

Reduce workload.

Cryptocurrency world changes fast.
While the markets see daily changes,
 you have to focus on your technology, token economics, investors, marketing… and everything else.

It’s just too much work.

We handle the nitty-gritty work of translating and project localization so you can concentrate on building a great business.

Focus on growing your business.
Leave the time-consuming work to us.

Be understood.

Understand the culture to be understood.
Cryptocurrencies are global projects. 
However, terminologies used in crypto communities around the world are very different.

Understanding different cultures is crucial.

We work closely with our partners to understand their vision, technology, core values, and token economics and present them in ways that make sense.

Understand to be understood.
We’ll help you with that.

our services


Know Your Audience

Where does your audience hang out?
We target the communities that serve as the source of information and exchange of ideas for your audience.

Pay For Results

Our prices are transparent and calculated based on numeric outcomes. We take the mathematical approach when it comes to money and avoid vague promises of results.

Personal Touch

We believe in building personal connections and relationships. Your audience is smart and fed up with sales tactics. Make followers and supporters instead of customers.


Industry Experts

We only hire experienced translators and linguists who understand the value of their reputation and equip them with assistance software and constant updates on the changes in the industry.

Standardized Process

We apply translation processes proven over decades. From translation to quality assurance, our process guarantees consistency and satisfaction.

One Stop Shop

Translation for your white papers, marketing materials, and websites. Transcription and subtitling for videos and audios. We take care of everything that involves language.

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For all business inquiries, email us at
We will respond as promptly as possible.

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